2018 Facts and Figures

Is the course hilly?
The course has some rolling hills, however, we do not consider any of the hills to be intimidating for the average skater.

Is the race primarily for younger skaters?
Not at all. The average age for men is around 40 and 35 for women. Skaters in their sixties and seventies compete every year.

Are there water stations along the course?
Yes, we have four water stations totaling 20,000 bottles of water. You will have access to water in cups at the start and the stations are at 6, 14, 20, mile 23, and at the finish line. These mile marks are approximate. Because of congestion, we highly recommend that you carry your own water bottle as well.

Do you place Porta Potties along the course?
Yes, we have 36 toilets at the full start, 20 at the 1/2 start area, and 2 at each of the medical and water stations.

May I pick up my race packet the morning of the race?
Yes, from 5:00 – 8:30 am a tent will have all the remaining packets at the front main entrance to the DECC complex where the buses load. Once the last bus leaves the packets are no longer available. Note: this is not the door used for the expo of the finish line activities.

Is there a cutoff time?
All skaters must be off of the course by 2pm. Please note your wave start time and plan accordingly. We will have a sag vehicle and will pick up any racers still on course after the strict 2pm cutoff.

If I am going to stay north of Two Harbors, do I have to travel to Duluth and ride a bus to the start?
No. You may be dropped off in Two Harbors to skate to the start. You will be responsible for a ride back to Two Harbors.

If I can’t pick up my race packet, can a friend pick it up for me?
Yep! It helps if you have your friend bring a confirmation note to expedite the pickup process. Please make every effort to pick up your own packet on Friday to minimize any errors or problems with your packet.

What do I do with my shoes at the start?
We provide a bag with your bib number on it so that you may place your personal items in it. The bags are then placed in trucks and transported to the finish area. Please be patient. It takes time to sort thousands of bags. Do not put any valuables in the bag.

Can I wear my skates on the bus?
No, skates cannot be won on the buses for safety reasons.

Can I switch my finisher t-shirt for a different size?
After all the finisher shirts have been distributed you can try to switch shirt sizes at the information booth (near post-race athlete food area), if they exist, but not before all competitors get the shirt they ordered.

Can I skate in a different wave on race day?
You must announce and change your wave prior to race day. Wave change fees (without Race Insurance Package) are $15. If you do skate in any other wave than the one you signed up for, you will be automatically disqualified.

Is there a quad skater category?
Yes! New in 2016, we’ve added a category for quad/roller skates in the full and half marathon. Please register for the quad wave during online registration, or email mike@northshoreinline to switch. Quad skaters in the full marathon will start with Rec Wave 1. Quad skaters in the half marathon are included in the mass start. PLEASE NOTE that ALL skaters must be off of the race course by 2pm! Please plan accordingly!

How do I train for a marathon?
Check out our guide to training for an inline marathon! Click here: https://northshoreinline.com/training-for-a-skating-marathon/

Can I change events?
Yes, event changes must be done prior to August 31. There are fees associated with event changes. Please contact the office at (218) 723-1503 or email for further details.