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Virtual NorthShore Event Details

Starting in 2020, Virtual NorthShore is a new virtual race to accompany our annual Duluth event every September. Virtual NorthShore participants will enjoy many of the same perks as in the NorthShore Inline Marathon and Skate Fest, but will complete their race distance on their own. This way, you can support the sport of skating, wherever you are!

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What You Get

Every virtual finisher gets a commemorative 2020 race bib mailed.

Every finisher gets a short sleeve 2020 race shirt mailed.

Every finisher gets a 2020 finisher medal mailed.

Virtual NorthShore times are submitted by each participant online, then uploaded to our results web page. Your window to race is from September 11 through September 20, 2020, and results submissions will be accepted online within that time frame. Simply register for your sport (skate, run or rollerski), select and your distance and route, track your effort, submit your results, and get your stuff mailed to you!

Virtual NorthShore Pricing

Registration fee for all Virtual NorthShore events is $64.

ENTRY FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE. There are no transfers of race packets or bib numbers and no refunds under any circumstances!

Virtual NorthShore FAQs

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race gives people the option to participate in the NorthShore Inline Marathon, NorthShore Run, and/or NorthShore Rollerski without physically being in Duluth, MN on race day. Participants instead complete their desired distance on their own course between September 11 and September 20, then enter their time directly into our online results page.

Finishers will be mailed many of the same items as in-person participants receive: bib number, finisher shirt, finisher medal, and online results.

How do I participate in Virtual NorthShore?

Registration is very similar to the in-person NorthShore Inline Marathon, NorthShore Run or NorthShore Rollerski races. Sign up is online, registrants receive email notifications and updates, race time are uploaded to our Race Results page, and race materials are mailed out. Registration for all Virtual NorthShore events can be found here: Online registration will close on September 10 at 11:59pm.

How do I pick my race distance?

Race distance is selected during the online race registration process. Distances match NorthShore’s historical race distances of 10k (6.2 miles), half marathon (13.1 miles), marathon (26.2 miles), and combined 39.3 (39.3 miles). Virtual NorthShore results are based on the honor system, so we ask that participants accurately track their distance and report their time accordingly.

How do I actually do the race?

Participants are asked to complete their desired race distance and submit results between September 11 and September 20, 2020. After registering for Virtual NorthShore online, pick your course, go do it, upload your results, and we ship your stuff! Simple as that.

Are there any rules?

The only hard rules are that participants travel the full distance that results are submitted for, and finish times are accurately reported. Virtual NorthShore results are uploaded by the participants, so results are based on the honor system. We also ask that participants follow local regulations on their selected course. For instance, don’t trespass or break local traffic laws. Finally, we strive for an even playing field. Please don’t cheat by making up a time or driving in a car, riding a bike, etc… We think all Virtual NorthShore participants should avoid drafting to create an even playing field for all participants!

Do I have to submit results to get my materials mailed?

Yes, you have to skate your full registered distance and submit results to receive your mailed bib, finisher shirt and finisher medal.

What if I don’t want a medal, shirt, bib? Can I pick up my materials instead of pay for shipping?

We will offer a la carte options for 2020 Virtual NorthShore registrants via email. You can select the items that you do want, and exclude items (medal, shirt or bib) that you don’t want. Also, you can elect to get your materials shipped to you, or pick up at our Duluth office.

I am registered for the 2020 in-person races. Can I change to the virtual event, and how do I do that?

Yes! You can transfer from any in-person event to Virtual NorthShore free of charge. All 2020 in-person race registrants have been emailed with transfer options. If you did not receive an email and was pre-registered for an in-person race, or need any other types of assistance, email Race Director Mike Ward at

I purchased a Race Insurance Package with my in-person registration. Can I still do the Virtual NorthShore race?

If you do utilize your 2020 Race Insurance Package for a refund or deferral you will be removed from all NorthShore events (in-person and virtual), but you can still utilize your insurance and then register like normal for Virtual NorthShore.

NSIM Summer Challenge Series

Join in our Summer Challenge Series for some great training, friendly competition and lots of prizes!

The NSIM Summer Challenge series is four training challenges leading up to race day in September. Each training challenge can be completed solo or with your favorite training friends, on the course of your choosing, within each weekend time frame. Then, upload your time online!

NSIM Summer Challenge Series Schedule:

  • Fourth of July Rollin’ in the USA 10 Mile – July 3, 4, 5
  • Midsummer Miles 15 Mile – July 24, 25, 26
  • The Big August Adventure 20 Mile – August 14, 15, 16
  • Final Shakeout Skate 25 Mile – August 28, 29, 30

How to join:

  • If you are registered for any 2020 NorthShore Skate race, you are automatically entered into the Summer Challenge Series!
  • You will receive each training challenge results upload link via email before each weekend time frame
  • Submit your results to be eligible for tons of prizes from sponsors, expo vendors, NSIM Official Merch store, and more!!

If you are not registered for any 2020 NorthShore Skate race (including Virtual NorthShore event), you can sign up below.