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Quad Skates at NorthShore Inline Marathon

We get a lot of questions about whether quad skates can participate in our skating races. Short answer: YES!

We allow quad skates (roller skates, 2×2 skates, etc…) to be used in any of our Skate races, which include the NorthShore Inline Marathon, Half Marathon Skate, Combined 39.3 Mile, and new Tunnel 10k Skate. Quad skaters are encouraged to check a box during race registration denoting that they will in fact race on quad skates. This ensures that they are entered into the Quad Skater category. We award the fastest male and female quad skater in the marathon distance an award.

New this year is the Derby Team Award. In addition to our other awards, we’re going to recognize the fastest derby team. This award is for the marathon distance only, all team members must race the marathon distance and hold WFTDA insurance to be eligible. More info on all team awards is on our Skate page.

Are you a quad skater? Give our Skate races a shot! Just make sure to check out our complete Skate page for everything you need to know, like wave placement, and when you are ready to sign up, go here: https://www.tempotickets.com/nsim2019.