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Townsquare Media is our Official Media Partner

We are very happy to introduce Townsquare Media on board for the 2017 NorthShore Inline Marathon as an Advanced Sponsor. Duluth’s Townsquare Media manages four local radio stations, Sasquatch 106.5, KOOL 101.7, B105, and MIX 108.

Listen for NorthShore Inline information and contests on-air and online with Sasquatch and Mix 108. On race weekend, Sasquatch radio will feature live updates from the DECC with race updates at the race course and finish line.

Finally, MIX 108 is hosting the Band Challenge to select the bands to play in the I-35 Tunnels! The tunnels are such a unique part of the NorthShore Inline Marathon course, and bands make the race experience that much more memorable and enjoyable. Local and regional bands will be directed to submit their songs onto the MIX 108 website and three will be selected to play a live show during the NorthShore Inline Marathon in each of the tunnels as skaters whiz by.

  • Sasquatch 106.5 is real classic rock for the Northland
  • MIX 108 is today’s best mix
  • B105 is today’s best country
  • KOOL 101.7 is the Northland’s favorite hits