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NorthShore Inline Marathon Introduces Skate Fest to Weekend Events

NorthShore Inline Marathon Introduces Skate Fest to Weekend Events

NorthShore Inline Marathon, Inc. to include additional events and activities to annual marathon race

Duluth, MN – NorthShore Inline Marathon, Inc. (NSIM) unveiled on Tuesday an updated logo and several changes to their event weekend on September 13-14, 2019. The NorthShore Inline Marathon is now officially the NorthShore Inline Marathon and Skate Fest.

NSIM has updated their logo to reflect the new Skate Fest element of the event, which includes:

  • Skate Expo: The hot spot to check out cutting edge businesses and products, featuring all angles of the skating industry.
  • Clinics: Learn from the best! Sharpen your skills, learn to skate, and try something new with learning opportunities all weekend.
  • Demos and Shows: Watch skaters who are masters of their craft in disciplines like aggressive, derby, slalom, speed, downhill and more.
  • Social Skate: Skating is a social sport! Join in for group skates on NSIM weekend.

Finally, NSIM has added two new race events: Tunnel 10k Skate and 21k Rollerski. Joining the very popular Tunnel 10k Run, the Tunnel 10k Skate is nearly entirely on the I-35 freeway in Duluth, with the race course traveling through 6 tunnels. The 21k Rollerski is a half marathon (13.1 mile) distance rollerski race to complement the 42k Rollerski, which was established in 2011.

“Our main priority with new Skate Fest and additional events is to be more inclusive to all different skill levels and all different types of skaters, whether it be roller derby, aggressive, slalom and artistic skaters, and more. Also, we believe our new identity will help push our mission of getting people outside and active while creating a positive impact for the Duluth community,” said NSIM Race Director Mike Ward.