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Men’s Course Record Bounty at 2019 NorthShore Inline Marathon

The Course Record Bounty is Back!

$10,000 will go to the winner if the course record of 57:18 is broken

Men’s Course Record Bounty sponsored by MPC Wheels

In 1998, Chad Hedrick worked with teammate Derek Downing to take the win for Team Rollerblade 생일 케이크 다운로드. The time was a scorching 57:18, thanks to pristine conditions on the road and with the wind. That translates to 2 minutes 11 seconds every mile, or almost 27.5 miles per hour ON AVERAGE coc 게임봇 다운로드! This day and age we have bigger wheels, better bearings, more aerodynamic apparel and advanced training methods. Chad and Derek rode on 80mm wheels! So can anyone break this elusive mark for 26.2 miles 다운로드? It’s been over 20 years…

This year, if the Elite Open Men’s winner beats 57:18.0, he will take home $10,000! This should make for some great spectating 다운로드.