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Five Free Duluth Sights and Landmarks

  1. Aerial Life Bridge- One of the most photographed landmarks in Duluth, this iconic landmark was completed in 1905 making it over 100 years old. When the bridge is completely raised the clearance is 180 feet, the length is 386 feet and weighs approximately 900 tons.

  1. Enger Park & Tower- Overlooking the charming port city of Duluth, Enger Tower is 80 feet tall, built June 15th, 1939. Enger tower is open to anyone willing to climb the stairs to a beautiful view of the Twin Ports.


  1. Skyline Parkway- Take a drive along Skyline Parkway that showcases the city from end to end while displaying spectacular views of Lake Superior and the Twin Ports. Skyline Parkway offers many lookouts, parks and trails along the way.


  1. Park Point Beach- This beach is located across Ariel Lift Bridge, a popular destination for swimming and recreation. The park has a large playing field, multiple sand volleyball courts with pavilions and grills available for reservation.


  1. Rose Garden- Duluth’s Rose Garden sits on about 5 acres of Leif Erikson Park. The Rose Garden has over 3,000 rose bushes, other plants, a stone memorial, fountain and a beautiful sight of the shore of Lake Superior.