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2017 Athlete Food Provided By Super One Foods

Once again, Super One Foods is graciously providing athlete finisher food for all NorthShore Inline Marathon and NorthShore Run athletes!

Participants will be treated to a post-race buffet of fruit (bananas, apples and oranges), cookies, yogurt, chocolate milk and more!

Super One Foods is a long-time sponsor of the NorthShore Inline Marathon for over 15 years. They are a local grocery chain with 30 stores primarily in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and headquartered in Hermantown, MN.

Super One is currently celebrating their 40th Anniversary! We love to partner with a company that has such a focus on local sustainability. Every week, Super One Foods has sales on Minnesota Grown produce and they support local MN farms at every opportunity.

For more information, locations, and grocery specials and coupons, visit www.superonefoods.com.