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Weaponize Your Crossovers!

Even in a point to point event like the NorthShore Inline Marathon, crossovers can make or break your race. There are three places where crossovers are critical, 1) coming off the I-35 offramp and onto the
overpass, 2) the 1st turn around the back of the DECC building, a fast downhill turn, and 3) the last turn onto the finish straight.

When I started skating, I lost ground and pack position every time there was a turn. I had to use the strength of my straightaways to catch back up. In Dutch “kerkronden” races, or literally “church
laps,” I would get dropped like a lead weight and shoot out the back. It wasn’t pretty.

Not being able to cross over well was a key factor in my decision to get coaching help. Dianne Holum taught me about the tightrope principle, equal pushes, staying level, popping the balloon, and carving with the heel.

It took many hours of dedicated practice before crossovers didn’t handicap me like before. Getting better meant I didn’t have to use my strengths to compensate for my weaknesses.

There’s still time to get better at crossovers before you’ll need to break them out at the NorthShore. Dryland training is one of the best ways to bet the body parts working correctly together, then when you put it all together with skates on it will feel a lot more familiar.

Here are two videos that I hope will help. Good luck becoming a better crossover artist!