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Go With the Flow




Now is the perfect time to put in base miles for the Northshore Inline Marathon. Lots of people like to refer to this buildup phase as “LSD,”which stands for Long Slow Distance. When I work on balance, timing, and body alignment at less than race pace speed, I start feeling relaxed and centered in both my body and mind. I like to select a section of road that’s about a quarter mile in length and go back and forth between 10 and 20 times, paying particular attention to form.

Hips and heels are key. When I lead with my hips and fall like a felled tree, I generate power using the external force of gravity, not my internal leg strength, and I drive my push through my heels, not my toes. I also try to keep my knees glued together during my “fall”. Not only does that keep all my body weight behind my push, but it ensures a good set-down underneath my center of mass. Not only do I save a ton of energy by not having to move my body over my skate to find my balance, but I ensure a good long glide on my outside edge.

With my weight back on my heels and hip out, my skate naturally steers in the shape of a broad arc. When I do this I feel the hypnotic “flow,” which is one of the greatest sensations on skates I know. My first coach Dianne Holum always said that a relaxed skater is a fast skater, and that’s what I hope we all will be in the upcoming Northshore Inline Marathon!

Sign up now and commit yourself to preparing for the big day. If you have any questions please visit me at Eddy Skater on Facebook and send me a message.

Below are two links, one is a video example of the “LSD” or Long Slow Distance build up phase, the other link will take you directly to Eddy’s page on Facebook.

Long Slow Distance video: