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Expect the Unexpected

When skating somewhere new or questionable, I usually find it better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission, because the answer’s probably going to be “no” anyway.

Well the other day, here we were at a religious holy site where the cremated remains of monks are buried deep underground.

We’re standing with the main monk whose creation this is and I’m literally drooling over the terrazzo flooring — smooth and grippy  — that encircles the newly dedicated monk ordination building.

It’s one of the last places you might consider appropriate for skating, but in a moment of insanity, I just had to ask the monk if we could skate around the temple a bit.

His “go for it” answer caught us all totally off-guard and we practically ran to get our skates on before he could change his mind.

The monks, who were busy giving color to the spokes of life in a far corner, put down their paint brushes and were mesmerized by our own wheeled approach to the divine as we gratefully spun circles around the sanctum.

Like sports commentators, they all had unvarnished commentary of each skater’s appearance and style.

Of course we monkeyed around and got some unique photos, but we also got some quality technique practice on an ideal track in front of some rare approbation.

Just like in a dream, the monks asked us to come back again.

Next time, should we play the disco music first and ask if it’s okay later?