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Rotating Your Wheels for 3- and 4- Wheel Inline Skates

Mike Ward
Gear, Repair

When you skate, you push off of the inside, wearing out the inside of the wheel. If you use the T-stop method, you are also wearing out the inside of the wheel. Rotating your wheels on a consistent basis ensures that you have even wear on your wheels and stay comfortable, safe, and fast when you are skating.

Step 1: Remove your wheels, place them in order with the outsides of the wheels facing up. Note which side of the wheel was on the outside and which side on the inside.

Step 2: For four wheels, move each wheel two slots away. For three wheels, move each wheel one slot away.

Step 3: Move each wheel directly over so that the outside of the wheel is now on the inside on the other skate.

Step 4: Tighten down the bolts so that they are fully secure but not so much where you can’t remove them next time. The hex bolts can sometimes strip easily, especially a few days after skating in the rain or wet trail/road conditions. It is always good practice to remove your skates and clean thoroughly after wet conditions to lengthen the life of your bearings, wheels and bolts.

Step 5: Now that all the wheels are back on your frames, ensure that the side that was on the outside is now on the inside. You may be able to see this because the wear is now on the outside of your skates.