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Justin Stelly – Contending for the Win

NorthShore Inline Marathon (NSIM): How long have you been skating?

Justin Stelly (JS): 27 years

NSIM: How did you get into inline speed skating?

JS: My uncles would take me with them to the skating rink when I was a little kid. I quickly learned that I loved to skate and never looked back since.

NSIM: You have won 22 National Speedskating Circuit races. Which has been your favorite or most memorable?

JS: Every win I have ever had, has been very special to me. But my most memorable would be my first grand champion win. It’s a little that escaped me so many times, and to finally get that win felt amazing.

NSIM: What is your favorite aspect of the NorthShore Inline Marathon?

JS: I truly love everything about Northshore marathon. The course is fast and fun, the organizers or so amazing and helpful, you get to see a wide range of competitors from beginner to pro skaters and everyone looks happy to be there.

NSIM: What are doing to train for the race this year?

JS: I just moved back to Salt Lake City 2 and a half months ago to join the US National Long track team for speed skating so I have been working really hard to get ready for the winter racing season.

NSIM: What do you like to do when your skates are off?

JS: When I am not skating I love to be on my bike and ride around the city, I love to cook, and also really enjoy crafting and sewing

NSIM: What advice do you have for other racers?

JS: Skate hard and dig deep. Marathon can be mentally tough, so you have to try to not get inside of you head too much. Most importantly, have fun!