2017 Inline Marathon National Championships

  • Only US Citizens Qualify, other countries may participate but not eligible for the title
  • Elite Categories Only
  • 26.2 mi distance
  • Winners will receive a 2017 Jersey


Registration Fees

$119 through May 31st
$129 through June 30th
$139 through July 31st
$149 through August 31st
$159 through September 14th – 11:59 PM CDT
$175 at Friday’s EXPO


The race will be held rain or shine. There are no transfers of race packets or bib numbers and no refunds. Wave changes must be approved by NSIM personnel and will cost $10/per chg…thru July 31 / $20 from Aug 1 thru Aug 31. Please register early. Wave change requests will not be allowed after September 1st.


Photo by Robert Welton

Age Divisions / Classes

Elite Open

There are no age limitations in Elite Open Men or Women.

Elite Masters Men 30-39 will start with the Open Men, results will be separated at the finish line.

Elite Masters Men 40-49

Elite Masters Men 50+

Elite Women Open

Elite Masters Women 40+ will start with Open Women, results will be separated at the finish line.


Skaters under 13 years of age must have their entry approved by the Executive Director.


A skater’s racing age shall be his or her age on December 31 of the current year. All references to age of skaters, race age groups, or age class shall be interpreted as referring to racing age.

Confused? If your birthday is September 17th (post event) and you are turning 40, you must race the 40-49 group, not the 30-39 even though you do not turn 40 until a few days post event.

Elite Purse – $5,000 Total

Elite Open Men
1st – $1,000
2nd – $700
3rd – $350

Elite Open & Master Women
1st – $1,000
2nd – $700
3rd – $350

Master Men 30-39
1st – $300

Master Men 40-49
1st – $300

Master Men 50+
1st – $300

Marathon Start Sequence

Wave Start Times

8:35 – United States & Canadian National Anthems
8:40 – Clear the course
8:43 – Call to start
8:44 – 60 second warning
8:45 – Elite Open Men & Elite Masters Men 30-39
8:50 – Elite Masters Men 40-49
8:55 – Elite Masters Men 50+
9:00 – Elite Open Women & Elite Masters Women 40+
9:05 – Advanced Wave 1
9:08 – Advanced Wave 2
9:11 – Advanced Wave 3
9:14 – Combined Skaters
9:17 – Recreation Wave 1
9:21 – Recreation Wave 2
9:24 – Recreation Wave 3


Wave starts will begin at 8:45 with the Elite Open Men. The remainder of the wave starts are at 3-5 minute intervals. For skaters in waves 1-6, the color of your bib number denotes the wave for which you have qualified, and required to start in.

Photo by Robert Welton

Gear Bag Trucks

Gear bag trucks will be placed behind the start line near the bus drop off area. To avoid participant congestion and to enable the trucks to leave on time, they are being placed here. The Elite gear bag truck will be in front of the start line and will depart at 8:35 AM. Get your gear on board!