Race Packet Pickup (Friday)

Friday, September 14th | noon – 9pm

Pioneer Hall at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC)
350 Harbor Drive | Duluth, MN

All participants must show a photo ID to pick up their race packet, please make every effort to pick up your own packet.

Note: Daily parking in the DECC lot costs $5.00. Inline kids sprints starting at 5:00pm on Friday on Harbor Drive so expect traffic delays.

If you are not able to pick your packet up in person, you have a few options:

You may have someone else pick up your packet for you if you have in writing permission along with their confirmation email registration.

For late comers, race packet pickup also available on Saturday morning in the parking garage at the bus loading area from 5:00am to 8:30am, located on Railroad St.

For $25 (within the United States) you can have your packet mailed to you prior to the race. Please send a check with a note including the address where you want your packet mailed to: NorthShore Inline Marathon, 525 Lake Ave S., Duluth, MN 55802. All requests for this service must be in by September 1, 2017.

Grandma’s Sports Garden Pasta Buffet

All you can eat pasta buffet Friday 3-9:00pm and Saturday 4-7:00pm during the awards ceremony.

Full bar and menu also available.


Your race packet will contain an envelope with a Pro Chip, provided by Endurance Timing (our contracted timing company for the NorthShore events), which is a transmitting device for timing. Please read the specific instructions. These chips MUST be returned at the finish line as you leave the course. If your chip is not returned or lost a fee of $110 will be charged.


If you would like your name printed on your bib you must be registered by Friday, August 24th. 

Do not fold, wrinkle, or alter these numbers. The large bib should be pinned to your chest or abdomen area or right hip.

Wave placement

In order to increase safety, ease crowding and allow for growth, Inline Marathon skaters must register for the correct wave based on past performances and projected finish times. Please see the wave placement guide below and select the corresponding wave during the online race registration process. Wave changes after submitting online registration is available on our registration site (www.tempotickets.com/nsim2018). All wave changes are subject to a $10 processing fee.

Advanced Wave 1 1:12.00-1:18.99
Wave 2 1:19.00-1:24.99
Wave 3 1:25.00-1:30.99
Recreation Wave 1 1:31.00-1:45.99
Wave 2 1:46.00-1:59.99
Wave 3 2:00.00-3:30.00

Transportation to the starting line

Buses begin loading from the DECC parking garage area on Railroad St. for Full Marathon events at 7:00am. Please board promptly to insure that everyone arrives at the start lines on time. There is no parking available at the start line.

All elite skaters and rollerski: 7:00-7:15am
Waves: Advanced 1-3 7:00-7:30am
Waves: Recreation 1 & 2 8:00-8:15am
Waves: Recreation 2 & 3 8:15-8:30am
NO Rec Wave 3 skaters are allowed to board the buses until 8:15am.

For those coming from Two Harbors, it is permissible to be dropped off at the Two Harbors Sonju car dealership and walk or skate to the start line.

NorthShore Races Start Times

  • 6:45am-Inline Half Marathon & Combined
  • 7:00am-Wheels Off Half Marathon RUN
  • 8:00am-Tunnel 10K RUN
  • 8:30am-Rollerski
  • 8:45am-Full Inline Marathon
  • 9:15am-Combined Skate
  • Noon-Run Awards-Grandma’s Sports Garden
  • 2:30pm-Inline Awards-Grandma’s Sports Garden

Gear Bag Trucks

Gear bag trucks will be at the start line for the half and full marathons so you can bring items to the start (sweatshirt/jacket, shoes, warm-up gear, food, etc…) and they will be delivered to the finish line by the time you are finished with your race. This service is included in race fees for Inline Marathon (Elite, Advanced and Rec waves), both Combined race starts, Rollerski Marathon, Inline Half Marathon, and Wheels Off Half Marathon Run.

  • Inline Half Marathon gear bag truck will be in front of the start line and and will depart at 6:30 AM.
  • Wheels Off Half Marathon Run gear bag truck will be behind the start line (near bus drop-off area) and will depart at 6:45 AM.
  • Elite and Rollerski gear bag truck will be in front of the start line and will depart at 8:30 AM.
  • Advanced and Rec wave gear bag truck will depart at 9:15 AM.

PLEASE make sure that you drop your gear bags off in the correct truck before the posted departure time. If you don’t get you gear back in the truck in time, notify a race volunteer and it can be delivered to the finish line/DECC. However, late drop bags are not a priority and may take hours to reach the finish line.

We are not liable for lost or damaged items. Please do not include anything valuable or fragile in your drop bag.

Race Safety

Helmets are mandatory at all times while on the race course for skating and rollerski races. Wrist, knee, and elbow protection are also recommended.

The entire course for all NorthShore Races is completely closed to outside traffic.

Please be mindful of road conditions. We strive to maintain the best road conditions possible, thanks to local entities like Minnesota Department of Transportation, City of Duluth, Saint Louis County and Lake County. However, there is always the possibility of cracks, “tar snakes”, bumps, sand and rocks, water bottles, garbage, and other obstructions.

Food and Drink

Water will be provided for skaters at the start and finish. There are five water stations (10 oz. bottles) along the race course. The stations are at approximately mile marker 6, 17, 21, and 23. Each skater is responsible for their own hydration and nutritional needs during the race. There are no “energy” gels or drinks at the water stations. Bernick’s Pepsi has generously donated all hydration products for the NorthShore Races.

A fabulous array of bananas, apples, oranges, cookies and yogurt, all generously donated by Super One Foods will be available at the finish line. Thanks to Super One Foods for the continuous support of the NorthShore Races!


NorthShore Run Awards are at 12 NOON at Grandma’s Sports Garden.

(NEW in 2018) NorthShore Skate Awards (Inline Half Marathon, Inline Marathon, National Championship, Combined and Rollerski events) are at 2:30 PM at Grandma’s Sports Garden.

**All awards are based off of GUN TIME, not chip time.**

Please view each Race page for specific age group and award details.